Several breakout spaces in the Keck Center are available for small group collaboration throughout the workshop.

Notepads, pens, whiteboard markers and erasers will be made available in KC153. Please return whiteboard markers and erasers to this room at the end of the workshop.

Spaces for Exclusive Use of the Workshop

  • KC153: The main workshop room where the talks will be held.
  • KC156: Another classroom with a similar layout to KC153
  • KC370: The math/physics seminar room
  • Patio outside KC370: We have a rolling whiteboard that will be placed here for those who want to collaborate outside.
  • KC352: Jeff Tollaksen’s office, suitable for a group of 2-3 people who prefer blackboards to whiteboards.

Other Collaboration Spaces

  • KC372: The math/physics collaboration room. This room is not bookable, but can be used on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Whiteboards throughout the building: The corridors in Keck have many whiteboards and seating areas. As the workshop is during spring break, it is unlikely that students will be using these areas.
  • There are several other conference rooms throughout the building that may be used whenever there is no other event booked in them.