Within the University

Here is a campus map. The conference is in the Keck Center, which is building 28 on the map.


Chapman has eduroam on the main campus and also in visitor accommodation. You should be able to log in with your Perimeter credentials. Failing that there is also an open WiFi network on campus called “Chapman Open”, which is not as secure as eduroam.

Food and Drink

We will supply breakfasts, lunches and coffee breaks during the workshop, but if you find yourself needing a coffee or snack then Starbucks should be open in Beckman Hall. There are also vending machines in the library. Almost everything else will be closed because the workshop is happening during spring break.

In Downtown Orange

We will reimburse the cost of dinner for Perimeter participants, so you need to know where to go. Here is a biased of what downtown Orange has to offer selection.

Coffee and Tea

  • The Ugly Mug: Close to campus and favored by Cai, this place only opens when the owner feels like it, so sometimes you have to go around the back and wake him up in his apartment. He does have an ugly mug and will disparage you while he is making your coffee. I think Cai finds it amusing. The coffee is decent, but not the best available.
  • Portola Coffee: The best coffee in town, hands down. Located inside Provisions market.
  • Aussie Bean: An Australian style coffee house, the coffee is pretty good, but not quite as good as I expect from Australian places. However, they do have the best cup of tea available in Orange if you like ultra-strong British style tea. It used to be called Brahmin because it is a blend of Indian teas, but apparently that was too confusing for the locals so they have renamed it “British Brunch”.
  • Contra Coffee and Tea: Located inside the 1888 Center (a kind of literary collective, bookstore, hipster hangout combo) this is a coldbrew only place with a selection of coffee and iced tea on tap.


  • Haven Gastropub: More of a dinner place with a large choice of craft brews and an upscale pub menu.
  • Provisions Market: Craft beer place with a rotating selection on tap and bar snacks such as charcuterie and cheese plates. On the rare occasions I go out for a drink, this is where I usually end up. Portola coffee is also located inside here.
  • The Wall: Another place with craft beers that I have never been to, but I have seen Cai in there once so it can’t be too bad.
  • The District Lounge: I think students go here, so I’ve never been. It has pool tables and loud music.
  • That Irish place opposite Provisions: This looks like a dive bar. Matt Pusey and Ravi went there once and said it was.



Mexican is a Californian staple and if you dislike guacamole then you may get arrested and deported back to Canada. Fish tacos are where it is at.

  • Taco Adobe: Hole in the wall Mexican place that is one of our go to restaurants for visitors. It is small so not a great choice for large groups. The food is excellent and the prices are very reasonable.
  • Gabi’s Mexican Kitchen: More of an upscale Mexican place with more choices than Taco Adobe, but also more expenses. The churros are great though.
  • Wahoos: Californian fish taco fast food chain restaurant. I’ve found some locations to be great but the one in Orange serves the driest fish tacos I have tasted in the area. If you end up here you have made a mistake.


  • Koi San: There is a Japanese restaurant downtown, but it sucks. For good Japanese, hop in an Uber and go to Koi San on Cambridge and Katella. This is another of our go-to visitor restaurants.

Squashed Pizza

We all know that the USA is famous for greasy deep pan pizzas that would make an Italian cry. However, there is a trend in Southern California for what I am calling “squashed pizza”. Basically, chefs in SoCal cannot be trusted to make an authentic thin crust pizza by twirling the dough in the air, so instead they make a ball of dough and put it into a kind of press to make it into a circle. You then get to choose your toppings. These are much better than the usual American pizzas, although they would still make an Italian shed a small tear.

  • Blaze Pizza: I slightly prefer this place to the one below for completely arbitrary reasons, as they are really very similar.
  • The Pizza Press: I took Sandu Popescu here once and he said that he was pleasantly surprised that the pizza was not completely rubbish.


  • Ruby’s Diner: Located in the train station, this is the place to go if you want the full fake 1950’s diner experience. Burger and fries is the way to go. The one on the end of the pier in Huntington Beach is a more fun experience though, so if you are planning to go to the beach then eat there.

Fine Dining

  • Citrus City Grille: A bit more expensive than the rest, but the souffle is an amazing dessert.


  • Pandor Bakery: Great for crepes, sandwiches, pastries and gelato in a sort of approximation of a French style. This is one of my favorites. I like to have a crepe when I get up in the morning, and I sometimes have a crepe when I go to bed.


  • Thai Towne Eatery: Located in a sort of alleyway off the main street, this cozy place does a mean Thai BBQ chicken.


  • Mead’s Green Door Cafe: About a 10 minute walk from downtown, this vegan cafe also has dinner options, such as vegetarian burritos. It’s near to my house and the Cosy Lumi’s AirB&B that some people are staying in.